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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 21, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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many things. i was doing a thing on e coli, and i couldn't remember the word "meat," which is essential when you're doing a story on it. jon: we'll see you back here in an hour. shannon: "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today harris faulkner, katie pavlich, kirsten powers, and the host of huckabee, governor mike huckabee. he's back and outnumbered. >> very much. great to be back with you guys, thanks. >> welcome to the show. >> good day to have you on. we've got a lot of big stories. >> not much going on, but we'll make it up. [laughter] >> immigration 2016. can't wait to weigh in with you. >> i've gotta go. [laughter] >> oh, no! >> you are tethered to this couch for the next 60 minutes. >> it'll be fun i. >> is he rolling the dice on immigration? determined to go at it alone,
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president obama on his way to las vegas to sign an executive order that may shield up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation, but the president facing tough resistance from some lawmakers within his own party. west virginia senator joe manchin saying, quote: i disagree with the president's decision to use executive action to make changes to our immigration system. and i disagree with the house's decision to not even take a vote on the bipartisan senate legislation that overwhelmingly passed in june of 2013. we will only achieve sustainable comprehensive immigration reform if all sides work together. and there are also those from the liberal wing who say that the president's plan doesn't go far enough. congresswoman zoe lofgren of california saying, quote: i hope the president will build on this significant step by fully exercising his legal authority to also protect from deportation the parents of dreamers and the hard working farm workers who put food on our tables and support the agricultural
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industry which is so important to our nation's economy. meantime, there's growing questions about whether the president's move is even legal. republican senator jeff sessions. >> congress makes the laws, what the president did in this order is said i am not enforcing the laws that you have passed, and indeed, i'm going further. i'm going to give work permits, social security numbers to millions of people who congress said cannot work in america. it's really a breathtaking overreach of monumental proportions. >> and the president's executive action on immigration could soon trigger legal action. texas governor-elect greg abbott, the state's current attorney general, vows to mount a court challenge saying he believes the president's bypassing of congress is unconstitutional. so, governor, i do expect a lot of legal challenges on this, and looking at what the president's proposing, he is in clear legislative territory. i mean, this is broad, this is vast, this is sweeping, and this
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purposes far beyond executive power. >> well, the interesting thing is he said he couldn't do it just a few years ago because to do so would make him an emperor, and he was only the president. i'm curious, at what point did the law change or was he crowned emperor and we all missed it? i mean, something happened here of cataclysmic proportion for the president to be able to come out and say i now have power that i've never had before and that i claimed to not have before. it's an insult to the american people, and i think it's going to backfire on him. howie carr had the best statement, he said we're now going to import illegals to do something americans won't do, vote democratic. >> kirsten, what about joe manchin and claire mccaskill among others saying i don't know about this going it alone without congress doing it first? >> well, i would say, i wouldn't read too much into that because joe manchin is generally, i mean, he's kind of bordering on a republican. he tends to, you know, he calls
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himself a west virginia democrat, but he's a big critic of the president. claire mccaskill is closer to the president, but she also wants to probably run for governor, i think she's got some other things going on. overall, the democrats are behind him. they've actually been pushing him to do this. and i think that to your point, i think that the president was saying all these things about how he didn't have the authority because he didn't want to do it. i don't think that -- i don't know if he ever actually believed he didn't have the authority, i think he didn't want to do it for political reasons, because it could backfire. he didn't want to do it before the elections because it could potentially backfire with voters. i think there are a lot of legal scholars who actually say he does have the authority, and so who knows what he actually was thinking, but i think that was a political act. >> so if a republican president in the future does this same kind of thing and just ignores the constitutional requirement checks and balances and a full government, the democrats are going to be cool with that? >> well, i don't think -- no, because i don't think there's agreement. i think one of the things in the discussion we have to remember is i know the republicans keep
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saying this is lawless, but there are some serious legal scholars who are saying -- lawrence tribe is one of the most serious legal scholars in the country, says it's legal. so there is disagreement. >> that's the goal, actually, to get it into the court system where it's going to be until president obama is far out of office so it's no longer his problem -- >> katie, what happens if the court says that he can't do this? then what? ted cruz is already saying we're at a constitutional crisis. to me, if the court comes back and says no can do and the president goes at it anyway, that's the constitutional crisis. >> that'll be interesting because he'll have two pieces of legislation going forward in the high court, because you've got obamacare that's headed in that direction right now as well or almost there. two things, actually, the president said he couldn't do this as recently as last sunday. [laughter] it wasn't even years ago. but, you know, really there's a striking image, and maybe because, you know, my family's
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in tucson, arizona, and i remember in april and your family's there too, do you remember when the archbishop of boston was there and all of the clergy members were fighting for people not to be deported? under this president two million people have been deported. it really does make it potentially look like it's much more political because two million people have already been cement out of the country. why didn't he -- >> why now, katie? why now? >> i think now it's because president obama, he has interest in sustaining his legacy with the far left, not necessarily with the american people as a whole, and that's what he's doing. we have democrats who are criticizing him both in the senate and on the legal side, you know? there are some legal scholars who say this is totally okay, and there are a lot of legal scholars, including jonathan turley who openly admits he voted for president obama,
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agrees with things but you don't do it by going around the system. going back to what you said, harris, real quickly in terms of the border here, there are going to be very serious con consequences for the executive action. i.c.e. is already readying thousands of beds because they know there's going to be another surge of unaccompanied children, and there's people all over social media saying do i get my money back, my ten years of life back -- >> separated from their children, their children are still here. now do you let them come back into the country so you can reunite all those families? you mentioned the democrats, the lawmakers, some of it claire mccaskill said i'm uncomfortable with it. that's a lot different than what angus king said. >> background checks, remember that from last night? how can we believe you? your department of homeland security said you release nonviolent illegals before, and "usa today" it turned out they were homicide, rapists, all
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these things. i mean, you can't trust that they're actually going to do adequate background checks and make sure that they're not deporting actual criminals. i want to get to the scripture point last night, because he invoked scripture. this was so compelling, if you feel so compelled to quote the bible, why didn't you do it sooner then? remember this? >> scripture tells us that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger. we were strangers once too. my fellow americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. we were strangers once too. >> be all right. governor huckabee -- >> yes. >> former minister, i decided to keep reading that passage in exodus last night in my bible, and it also says don't bear false witness and do not turn aside after a multitude in order to pervert justice. hmm, a lot of people think he may be bearing false witness
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with this move. >> and that's not the only place where it says not to bear false witness, it also says to respect the law, and romans 13 makes it clear laws are there to keep order. this is a president that only picks and chooses the laws -- and by the way, only picks and chooses the scriptures. remember back in 2008 the president invoked scripture to defend his stance on same-sex marriage which he said at the time he was against. now a few years later he suddenly decided that slipture didn't -- scripture didn't say that at all which leads one to believe either he was lying then, he's lying now, or the scripture got rewritten, and he was the only one who got the new, revised version. this is a president that uses the bible when it suits him, but he's not exactly
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>> that's what he was elected to do. >> it comes down to, though, in the end this is exactly what the president is doing, this is a tactic to get us all to talk about whether you're going to
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treat someone like a stranger instead of upholding the law. this is getting people distracted away from the fact that the president is issuing this executive order without a clear path of whether it's legal or not, right? that's what this is about. he wants us to be debating about whether evil republicans are going to treat people as strangers and if they're not equal to their fellow man. that's what he's trying to do here. >> and to possibly help them to stop them being the democrats bleeding away some of the hispanic and latino votership that they know they're coming down in percentage -- >> or maybe he just thinks they should be able to stay in the -- >> or that. >> it's an emotional argument, it's a compassionate argument, but as bill o'reilly said last night, is it a just argument? i guess that's what the courts will be figuring out. all right, hillary clinton may have her work cut out for her, a new poll shows liberals put her in third place as a presidential pick, even trailing an independent and some women finding a whole new place to
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." well, hillary clinton plans to run for president in 2016, an unaffiliated superpack is meeting with -- superpac is preparing strategies to help the former secretary of state win if she decides to run. but she may have her work cut out for her. a new online poll of thousands of members of the liberal group democracy for america ranks her third among democratic picks for president. so who do they like? massachusetts senator elizabeth warren came in first with 42% of the vote, and 24% chose bernie sanders, the independent senator from vermont. clinton came in third with just 23 president. 23%. so we were just chatting, andrea, during the break. we kind of have to take this
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with a grain of salt because this is a liberal group, they're not necessarily the biggest fans of hillary clinton. >> no. they're polling members of their organization or polling liberals. >> right. >> right? and i think traditionally, and, kirsten, you would know better, but most democrats that are part of the liberal wing have always thought the clintons are too in the middle -- >> they're never going to be happy with hillary. [laughter] >> i think bill clinton's in the middle, i think hillary is probably to the left of her husband. but she'll tack left if she runs for a while. the problem is these liberals don't really have a lot of places to go. i don't think that elizabeth warren or bernie sanders is really going to be a big net to her. so often times even with the republican side the base is very, very critical in the beginning, but -- >> they come around. >> they come armed. >> i don't know. what do you think of elizabeth warren? i think there are a lot of people who do feel like she could potentially give her some trouble. >> please give us elizabeth warren. [laughter] please, god, let us have elizabeth warren. i think she's a passionate
9:18 am
person, and i respect her because she has the courage to speak her convictions. but i do respect the fact that she comes out and says something and he's not so handled and scripted. that's refreshing. having said that, i think her views are so far to the left that it would be a disaster for the democratic party on the george mcgovern scale if, in fact, she got the nomination. >> yeah. youyou know, speaking of some of the things she's said that were unscripted, i'm thinking of the fact that the gaffe-to-matic may not be working for her. it's starting to resonate with people and really sink in as to something they don't want to be a part of. out of touch with what broke really means. i term it it's funny, but sooner or later people wake up. they start to let that stuff sink in. i wonder that's not a play. >> yeah. but it was a liberal poll. so i think that to andrea's point about who's going to give hillary clinton some trouble, i
9:19 am
think hillary clinton herself is worried about elizabeth warren which is why she's tried to take on her talking point with the comment that small businesses don't create jobs, corporations don't create jobs. that's something that elizabeth warren has been trumpeting for years. but i think that elizabeth warren is closer to barack obama in terms of her liberalism than hillary clinton is, and that's going to be an interesting thing to look at for 2016 and whether democrats are going to go as far left as they have with barack obama or come back to the middle with someone who's a little more moderate. >> a question for you, kirsten, i'm curious, when you hear hillary clinton say those thing, do you think she's sincere or maybe just picking up that lingo to make herself more competitive? >> you mean like the small business thing? >> yeah. >> i think that's kind of a standard democratic talking point. i don't think that's necessarily -- >> so why doesn't it work for her? >> i don't -- she doesn't -- the liberals don't like her in the same way that tea partiers don't
9:20 am
like mitt romney. they'll probably eventually come around to her. >> i think she is, at her core, a progressive. and i think elizabeth warren, even though she's tried to outflank her in massachusetts by making those comments, i think hillary's worst enemy is hillary clinton at this point. >> yeah. >> sticking her foot in her mouth and her bungled book tour. i think she needs to worry about herself before elizabeth warren. >> okay. growing unrest in ferguson, missouri, as a grand jury is meeting and expected to decide any day now whether to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. what the outcome can be and whether police can prevent any more violence. plus, montana vikings' -- minnesota vikings runningback adrian peterson saying he's no ray rice. what else he has said since he's been arrested for beating his
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♪ ♪ >> you are watching "outnumbered." tension is mounting in ferguson, missouri, again. a grand jury meeting today, and we're expected to hear of a decision any day now whether to indict
9:26 am
. >> katie, i want to go to you first because a few days ago ag holder was really getting criticized for some earlier comments he made comparing young emmitt tills who was killed brutally in the civil rights era to what's happened to michael brown, and there were people in
9:27 am
every community, including the black community, who thought that was not fair. >> eric holder is now calling for calm, which is good, but he's been fanning the flames for months on this issue, and last week the former fbi assistant director under eric holder who is now in charge of the law enforcement legal defense fund sent a letter directly to president obama saying attorney general eric holder has been chief among antagonists in ferguson. he has destroyed the relationship between law enforcement and the department of justice, and because we have a new attorney general coming into office, he would ask that the president make sure that the relationship because it has been destroyed in ferguson is perfect example how that happened. >> governor, when you hear that, you have led a state, i'm certain it was in the south, so you dealt with some race issues and hear that sort of thing. >> sure. >> what is your response? lay your experience tapestry
9:28 am
what is happening over ferguson today? >> in officer ferguson and broke the law and violated civil rights of michael brown then the full weight of the law should come upon him. that is not for someone to decide on the streets of ferguson. that is why you have a grand jury. they hear evidence. i honestly don't know what happened that day. i wasn't there. all the evidence has been put before a grand jury. if they decide there is not enough evidence to indict the officer, you have to at some point accept that's why we have a legal system. we have it to protect innocent. as well as to go after the guilty. if people say, if we don't get the verdict we want, if we don't get the indictment we want, we'll burn the place down? that is very frightening and it is kind of lawlessness will destroy america and destroy the trust that people need to have in their country. >> really question, as governor, how would you be handling this differently? what would you want them to shore up? >> i think the main thing you do remind people over an over every effort is made to get to the truth.
9:29 am
the truth is what we go after, if the truth leads to indictment to the officer, he will be indicted. if truth leads to the exoneration of the officer and we'll not go after and punish somebody just because -- here's the point. what did we hate most about 100 years ago racism, the 50 years ago racism? rule of the mob. lynches when mob action overwhelmed law. what we're about to see in ferguson could be a mob action. it is -- >> we pray not. >> would be worst kind of thing. let's pray it doesn't happen. >> andrea, you and i talk about on the couch about this, people gosh, want to go back to work. they want their kid to be safe to go to school. they want people in the streets. that won't necessarily change anything, violent protesting or insurgents coming from outside instigating. they don't get to live that life. they get to live in fear until this thing comes out. >> hasn't ferguson suffered enough? who are you hurting? you're hurting business owners, many of them african-american.
9:30 am
you're hurting as you point out, harris, that want to go back to work and earn a paycheck and live. it would be unfortunate if they're violent. i would like to know what happens if the grand jury doesn't indict? maybe a question for kirsten, does that put additional pressure on administration and eric holder? because he does have a civil rights investigation into ferguson. maybe valid. maybe one was needed but does that maybe put some pressure on then, to do something, if the community is violent to say, eric holder, they didn't indict. now you an barack obama -- >> basically how he felt about it and chosen sides. >> people should not react violently. that goes without saying. i think underlying issues problematic there. separate from this incident, that do need to be investigated and do need to be dealt with. i don't know how to, i agree with everything the governor was saying about, you know, what, that, about how these people shouldn't react to this way. the problem is, how do you tell
9:31 am
those people that. who can tell them that in a way meaningful for them. i think it is great that the father came out and did that. because i think those are type of people that need to be given a megaphone, to tell them not to do that. >> grand jury meeting today. if there is news to be made we'll tell you about it. >> all right. more news on adrian petersen, speaking out at length for the first time since shortly after his arrest since whipping and injurying his 4-year-old son with a tree brand. the nfl superstar tells "usa today" he says he is sorry and won't use a switch again. some of his remarks question about he gets it. he says he doesn't think folks should compare him to ray rice, the player who was caught on video punching his then fiance on video. i spanked my child. no matter what my intentions were. i left the marks on his leg,
9:32 am
that is the bottom line. that is not what i tried to do. that is what ended up happening. don't put me in the same category as rice. one of the most prominent female sports journalists christine brennan, questioned whether peterson learned his lesson when he blew off a meeting with roger goodell. he listened to the union and gave up his last best chance showing how serious he was doing necessary what is good for the game. his own statements, including appalling comment goodell cited he didn't intend to eliminate whooping my kids, still hangs in the air as fresh as the day he said them. all right, governor, he came out said, i'm no ray rice. i think a lot of people would disagree. can you compare the two? do you think he can come out and say i'm not a ray rice? >> well i think what he did was an overzealous disciplinary action against a child, no doubt about it. there is a line between
9:33 am
disciplining a child and child abuse. i wasn't there to see it. i don't know. but apparently it really did cross that line, from all indications in the photographs we've seen. so has he done something wrong? yes. is he paying for it? yes. should he pay more for it? i don't know. that has got to be looked at. one of the things has disturbed me, i want throw this out there, seems we put so much focus on an nfl player for what they do, whether it is ray rice or in this case but very thorough, objective studies have shown that the nfl players frankly not that much more likely to commit violence than the general population. but we made it as every person who plays athletics is some kind of a violent individual. >> they're in the spotlight. you're right. where is the outrage for it among our communities in general? >> child abuse is wrong no matter who does it. shouldn't be limited to focuses on somebody who happens to be an athlete celebrity. >> said he will not have a
9:34 am
whipping law that addresses child abuse. should the nfl have laws against these types of things. >> they have rewritten their policies to try to address the domestic abuse but i think there is huge difference domestic violence and punching then fiance out in an elevator and dragging too far and going too far with disciplinary action with your child. he understand where he comes from. he needs to discipline his children. is he not allowed to discipline them based on their action. i do not see a comparison between ray rice and him in this instance, i think punching someone out is overly disciplining his child? was he wrong? did he go too far? yes he did. there is huge difference between that and what ray rice did. >> he has six kids, harris. adrian peterson. >> your question is important one, should the nfl put something in place. if they will punish people they need to put policy down on paper. every time they punish somebody,
9:35 am
this is the road they will go down. player's union will rear their chest back, we're lawyered up. we'll defend this guy. even if egregious thing what we see in video they have a point. if you didn't write it down and give it out equally. there is something not quite right. you how could you say it is pin punishment or retaliation? you have to make it fair and put it down on paper. >> harris you talked about this last week we're a very forgiving nation. people should be forgiven. the writer i quoted from "usa today" doesn't believe peterson was authentic with his apology. you think he should be forgiven and allowed to play again. >> ultimately yes. i think reason that people think it is not authentic is because it seems like he was very unapologetic when he was first caught. then when he gets in trouble and realizes he might lose his job he becomes very sorry about it. or, maybe he actually has legitimately become sorry about it. that is the thing we don't they. sometimes in time you meet with
9:36 am
counselors and meeting with a pastor and maybe he actually has learned this goes too far and not okay to have a whooping policy for your children. you discipline them. you don't beat them. there's a difference. >> all right. we'll stay on this story as we always do. here's a big story, college scholarships for illegal immigrants? actions of one of america's most expensive universities now stirring a very intense debate. plus, buried under seven feet or more of snow that fell in three days time, new worries in the buffalo area, even as the forecast calls for relief, i don't know about that game this sunday. i don't know. vo: you get used to pet odors in your car. you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. female passenger: wow. smells good in here. vo: so you and your passengers can breathe happy.
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." new york university announcing it will offer scholarships exclusive for students
9:41 am
undocumented immigrants, setting off debate that mirrors broader national battle over immigration. the move at one of america's most expensive places of higher learning. triggered a lot of reaction among students and loom any. some praising it and some blasting. where is the policy for middle class american kids who can't afford college? how about nyu who saved and supported them over the years, not the people walked over the border one day. another saying quote, what law should i have broken so my daughter could have. nyu president said spoke whether next einstein is documented or not, when it comes to access for college. i want to lay the groundwork here on what this program actually means. it's a pilot program. you have to living in new york for three years. it is going to be separate than other scholarships. it will be funded privately. and again, nyu is a private university. so harris you think this is really that controversial considering it's a private thing
9:42 am
happening in new york? new york hasn't been a state that enforces immigration laws. it is a sanctuary city so to speak. doesn't seem too out of the ordinary for me. >> having it be private makes it complicated because you know, we're still in america. we're still, we still have law here. but it is a private institution. and that complicates matters. they can spend their money really whatever they want to spend it on. that is the bottom line. >> it does come down to the private versus state funded or federally funded programs and federal aid. if you look at states like texas for example, where rick perry who is republican, he actually supported measures to allow illegal immigrants to pay the same amount of tuition as american citizens going to school at those universities. >> rick perry is right on that. let me tell you why. by law children have to go to school, k-12. that's the law. when i was governor you had kids, in case of valedictorian of one of the larkest high schools of the state.
9:43 am
he didn't decide to come to america illegally. his parents did. we in this country don't have a history of punishing children for something their parents did wrong of the question was, he didn't get a special scholarship. he didn't get special treatment. he was simply able to be treated like anyone else who went to the public schools in the state. i think that is the right thing to do for the children. >> sure. andrea, last night the president tried to talk a whole lot about fairness in the system and is this really fair to quote the alumni who said, what about the middle class families who are american citizens can't afford nyu tuition which is something like $66,000 per year? what about help for them. >> if you stand up and say you i don't agree with this, this is wrong. you hate children, you don't think they should be educated. that is false argument. i do understand they should have a education, that is great. what about kids in the united states, low income children, very expensive place to live in new york. i would say this even though they're private university, great, they can do with their
9:44 am
money, private universities benefit from a lot of perks from the federal government like tax credit and federally-funded studies. a lot of studies are funneled to them through tax operation and other things. they're not awfully private. >> this is not zero-sum game. if not in a couple of illegal immigrant kids have access to scholarship therefore middle class people are screwed over. there are lots of scholarships for middle class people. there are lots of scholarships target specific groups of people. there is nothing unusual about that that this is completely appropriate. just the idea somehow there aren't scholarships at nyu -- >> money could be going to american kids who haven't broken the law. >> like saying if you were a jewish person and funded it for students who lived in israel? you have very specific scholarshipps. doesn't mean now everybody else can complain because i can't apply for that scholarship. that is not -- >> get around this, they could
9:45 am
do private matching funds. people could sponsor a certain child. >> people are free to fund whatever they want to fund. >> certainly controversial as we continue to debate immigration on national level but moving along. iran and six leading powers continue talks on curbing iran's nuclear program ahead of monday's deadline to reach deals. they have already missed original target back in july. can they get this done in time? a live report ahead. women, who have the power to hire and fire seem to be more prone to depression than their male counterparts. the new research that may explain why that is, coming up. ♪ mhere's our new trainer! ensure active heart health. heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh.
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>> yay, bake by it's friday. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we can't wait. first jon scott with what is happening in the second hour of "happening now." >> it is friday. that is the exciting news. president obama uses his pen to get his way on immigration. but why now? are the executive orders a political tool to distract americans from the republican's big win empty midterms? we'll get into that. plus snow has stopped in buffalo but after more than
9:50 am
seven feet in some areas. what comes a new concern, a weekend thank you that could cause, thaw, cause major flooding. is victim getting center stage in the jody arias trial. pornography is heating up both sides in court. is the defendant trying to focus on grew instead after gruesome crime but bad behavior on the victim. we'll talk about that in the second hour"happening now." >> thanks, jon. >> men tend to feel happier when they're in charge. according to new research women in authority positions are more prone to depression. that is often because they're subjected to gender discrimination and harrassment. whereas men in power don't come under social resistance that women face. i don't want to touch this topic
9:51 am
with a 10-foot hair curleyer. are you kidding me? why -- >> have you ever had a woman boss. >> i've been married for 40 years. are you kidding me? >> she is running the household. we already know that. but when you leave her god graces what happens? >> i had a female chief of staff, my entire time as governor. people were never afraid of me. they were scared to death of her. >> why you happy with her. >> she was unbelieve i good best than i could imagine in the job. she last fantastic. >> you're pretty awesome she was great and had such power and authority f cabinet member came in they felt good they were getting promoted. if they went to see her they knew they were getting fired. >> wow. >> you made her do all the firing. that is why the women are depressed. >> that is why you have a chief of staff. >> that is note very fair. >> she enjoyed every moment of it. >> i had jobs where i had to manage people, not in quite some time i actually did find it very
9:52 am
stressful. around i found, i actually had to fire somebody once and it was extremely traumatic. i do wonder if there isn't something with women that makes it, not to say that maybe, i don't know, have you fired people? was it something thaw felt was part of the job. >> oh, yeah. >> did it really -- i really felt, one of the worst memories of my life. >> i think it is horrible to fire anybody no matter what gender you are. >> yeah. >> thing about the study, longitudinal study over 40 years. this is not a snapshot. that is why i gave it some credibility. that's i will be honest i never saw that women had a different sense of depression because they had to be authoritative. i have been around strong women. >> maybe it is harder for them. women are more sensitive creatures more so than men and they have, i don't know, i was joking because we have feelings more of a conscience and -- when we fire someone. no, i'm sure there are sensitive, lovely men out there. i think in general it is probably a little bit tougher
9:53 am
for women to be at the top. >> i wonder too if there is not stress in the fact as andrea pointed out there are fewer women near the top or at the top if male people working for them don't take them seriously. that would cause you duress if you have keep repeating yourself and be taken serious could be tough too. that is cerp thought. >> quite a bit taken seriously or maybe they think they're, i don't know. >> ambitious. >> don't want to be accused of being bossy or nagging. all right, can a crosswalk signal be sexist? some people certainly think so. the push in one city to make this crosswalk light -- >> who looks like that? come on! >> adding female icons but does it really pave the way to equality? ♪
9:54 am
now that the elections are finally over, it's time to get to work fixing our long-term national debt to help build a stronger economy. with a solid fiscal foundation, we can create more jobs, invest more in innovation and infrastructure, and make america more competitive, giving our kids a better future. a bipartisan solution to our long-term debt means more growth today, more opportunity tomorrow. and the time to start is now.
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♪ ♪ ♪ walk like an egyptian. >> have you ever noticed that all of the cross walk lights are shaped like men? one german city wants to change that. the ladies will be in skirts and
9:58 am
pig tails to extend gender equality to the signal. and some say lady in skirt and pig tails mighting sexist. >> since when do we pick an underage person on the icon as the cross walk. nuntil now, i never thought of the cross walk icons as humans and who walks around like this? >> and that's why you never have been hit by a bus. oh, my god, i can't believe it is not a woman. >> boom, road kill. >> it is just a hand. >> and i think it is discrimination against people with pig tails and that is morally wrong. >> and so if you are going to fix the problem of pig tails, only place is kindergarten stoplight cross walk with the
9:59 am
person in the middle. i haven't wore pig tails since i was ten. i don't cross the street like this and don't wear pig tails. >> how do they come up with that? >> and they wear a lot of pig tails. >> i lived in germany and don't remember that. but are we going to the point where we will not have any men on there? i am fond of them. my husband is in the studio today. i don't want too wipe away what we have. >> i feel safer with a man on the cross walk. >> new york has the hand and i am surprised it doesn't have i single dig for the hand. >> it is great to have you. and you will have huckabee on the weekend and redeye? >> i will try to stay a wake. >> always pleasure to be on outnumbered. snshg we are back monday at
10:00 am
noon. and "happening now" starts right now. have a great weekend. >> republicans fire back at president obama's executive orders on immigration. >> house speaker john boehner said it undermines the law and damages the presidency itself. this is "happening now". >> u.s. fighter jets pound isis once again newly released video shoes terrorist in the cross hairs and reduced to rubble. but is it effective? >> desperation to reach america drives them to the high seas. migration from cuba is in a five- year high. fox news embedded with the coast guard on patrol. >> immigration is a dilly occurrence in florida. >> did you kill


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